Frequently Asked Questions


How much can we fill the dumpster?

The dumpster must be level-full with the rim of the container. While we want you to get as much into it as possible, we cannot haul the dumpster down the road if it is filled passed the rim due to GA DOT regulations. 

Do your dumpsters have doors on them?

Of course! All of our containers  have rear doors that you can open up to walk the items in. 

Are there weight limitations?

Yes, we have weight limits on our dumpsters. For most kinds of debris, our weight limits are 3 tons on 10-18 cubic yard dumpsters, 4 tons on 20 cubic yard dumpsters and 5 tons on 30 cubic yard dumpsters. Our tonnage rate after these limits is $55.00 per ton. 

Is the dumpster going to damage my driveway?

We make every effort to avoid any damage to your driveway. We are the only company out there that will lay down protective wood boards on our deliveries if requested to do so that the container does not directly touch your driveway. We are THE SAFEST dumpster company because of this. Also, 95% of our trucks are small, single-axle trucks, so there is no way the driveway will crack due to the truck. The only circumstance where a drive-way can be at risk is if you are putting extremely heavy items into the dumpster. This is another reason we do not allow the heavy heavy stuff in our dumpsters. However, if your driveway is already in bad condition (older and/or already cracked) then it is obviously much more susceptible to cracking. 

How do I pick the right dumpster?

While it's not an exact science, usually we can help out customers over the phone just by asking a few questions about what all you need to get rid of. Please give us a call at 770-972-1811 and we'll try and figure out the best dumpster for you!

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