Items We Accept in Our Dumpsters

Household Junk

This would include items like tables, chairs, and other furniture. Also, random items from the basement and attic clean-ups are welcome.

Construction & Demolition

Mostly everything that goes into building a home is welcome into the dumpster -- including drywall, wood, flooring, carpeting, doors, windows etc. Large amounts of concrete or asphalt must be put into separate dumpsters to avoid overloading.


This includes cardboard, paper products and plastics.

Tree Limbs & Brush

Yard waste and tree clippings are welcome in the dumpster, as are your tree limbs and brush. Stumps cannot be put into the dumpster.

Misc. Items

It's almost impossible to list everything you can put in our dumpster, if you have something that doesn't fit into any of the categories above, please feel free to ask us about it!

Prohibited Materials

We can still help.

There are some items that either cannot go into the dumpster and/or cost an additional fee to get rid of.

We often have customers that need additional services to get rid of items. If you have a prohibited items or material needing removal such as a fridge or freezer, please consider our Junk Removal service! We provide free estimates and it usually takes less than a day to get it removed.

Oil, Fridges/Freezers, Batteries, Paint, Chemicals

These items cannot be in the dumpster under any circumstances.

Mattresses, Tires

These items are prohibited but can be disposed of for an additional fee. Unfortunately landfills charge extra for these items.

Brick, Block, Concrete, Dirt & Heavy Materials

We have the ability to get rid of this material, however it must go into a separate container and it cannot be filled more than 1/2 way. Please consult us before getting rid of these kind of materials as not all sizes are suitable for heavy materials.

There may be other items that are prohibited, please consult us if you have something out-of-the-norm or something that doesn't fall under the "Acceptable Materials" list.