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How long can we keep the dumpster?
Our rental terms are normally based off of 3 or 7 day rentals. However, we are very negotiable on the time you can keep the dumpster. Ask one of our representatives at (770) 972-1811 to set up your own rental times. The regular price after 3 days is $17.00 and $15.00 after 7 days.

Can we fill dumpster past the top of dumpster?
Items can not be over the top of the dumpster. We will get cited by the police if we are riding on the roadway with items over the top. If Haul Masters cannot pick a dumpster up due to it being filled past the rim, trip charges will be applied.

Are there any limitations on what we can put into the dumpster?
Yes, please check out our acceptable material tab.

Is there a weight limit?
Yes we do have certain weight limits included on the pricing of the containers. The weight limits for dumpsters which will contain construction debris are as follows: 12 Yard Dumpsters - 3 Tons, 14 Yard Dumpsters - 4 Tons, 16, 20, and 30 Yard Dumpsters - 5 Tons, 40 Yard Dumpsters - 6 Tons. The price per ton over these weight limits is $40.00.

If you are putting heavy materials into the dumpsters, you are only allowed to fill it 1/2 full. The reason for this is that anything over 1/2 will be un-able to be picked-up. It is simply too heavy and unsafe.

Will dumpster damage my driveway?
We make every effort to avoid any damage to your driveway. Haul Masters is the only company out there that will lay down protective wood boards on our deliveries so that the container does not directly touch your driveway. We are THE SAFEST dumpster company because of this. Also, 95% of our trucks are small, single-axle trucks, so there is no way the driveway will crack due to the truck. The only circumstance where a drive-way can be at risk is if you are putting extremely heavy items into the dumpster. This is another reason we do not allow the heavy heavy stuff in our dumpsters.


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